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What to wear to your rehearsal dinner

What to Wear to Your Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is a great chance for the couple to thank their families, friends and the bridal party before the wedding. The rehearsal dinner is traditionally held the evening before the wedding, right after the wedding rehearsal. Though it can take place any time prior to the wedding date.

The rehearsal dinner is normally paid for by the prepare’s folks. Nonetheless, the lady of the hour and prep can likewise pay for the dinner as a major aspect of their gratitude to their companions and relatives.

Who’s Invited

The immediate families, plus the bridal party are invited to the rehearsal dinner. Also any out-of-town wedding guests should be included. The dinner is normally held at a semi-formal or casual restaurant. During the rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom toast their family and the bridal party. This is also the time that the couple can give gifts to their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What to Wear

Clearly, the clothing will depend a considerable amount on the setting and style of the dinner. Rehearsal dinners can be held at easygoing foundations, yet as a rule, they happen in a semi-formal environment.

A conventional suit, a games coat and slacks, or even some khaki jeans and a pleasant sweater are all fitting for the prepare.

The lady can look over a large number of choices:

The Pantsuit – A classic pantsuit is always a good fashion choice for the rehearsal dinner. Choose dark colors for a more formal event or fun, bright colors for a casual venue. Warm weather fabrics, include silk, linen and light knits. For colder weather, select a pantsuit in velvet, wool or jersey knit. Add a pair of feminine, heeled shoes or boots. Mary Jane pumps, velvet mules or leather boots all will work well.

The Little Black Dress – Always a big hit, the little black dress is very appropriate for a rehearsal dinner. If you husband-to-be is wearing a dark suit, dress accordingly by choosing a dressy style where the skirt falls at or just below the knee. A little black cocktail dress is a also a good choice. Sleeveless, halter style or capped sleeve styles are perfect. For a cocktail dress, short skirts are fine as long as they are not too short. Anything more than two inches above the knee is probably not a good idea. Add a pair of strappy sandals, peep-toe pumps or patent leather slingbacks.

The Sweater Dress – For a winter wedding, the sweater dress is the perfect option for your rehearsal dinner. A style that is skims the body but is not too clingy is perfect. You can choose from cowl neck, turtle neck or v-neck varieties. As with the cocktail dress, anything too short is not appropriate. Choose any colors you like, including solids, stripes and prints. For a more casual affair, wear your sweater dress with a pair of knee high leather boots. For something more formal, choose a pair of dress pumps or sandals.

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Beginners Guide to Formal Wear

Formal gatherings such as weddings, debuts, corporate parties, charity auctions, and other social events usually create problems especially when you are not a type of person who often attends them. It may be because of the dress that you have to try to select so as to make you look fabulous in everybody’s eyes. In a formal gathering, you can’t just wear a simple blouse and skirt or pants and t-shirt. You have to select clothes that will go with the event. But selecting the best outfit is not an easy task. You have to consider many things in order to come up with the clothes that best suit you.

There are several guidance tips that could ease your anxiety in choosing the perfect formal dress. By the way, you don’t need to follow fashion experts to wear the best outfit for the event. You can follow some general rules without stressing yourself out.

So what is the best dress to wear in a formal occasion? For women, there are many options to consider. These include full length dresses that consist of well-off fabrics like velvet, satin and silk. Because of these boundless options for women, sometimes it can be a bit challenging in comparison to men who only have to focus on a tuxedo and pants with an inner shirt and bow. But you don’t have to think about that, because there are ways to choose the best outfit.

First, before getting to a decision on what outfit to wear, make sure you have read the invitation letter carefully and found out what general outfit to wear to the event. A dress code is usually stated in the invitation.

Traditionally and up until now, men typically wear either white or black tuxedos or pants and tie that suit the color of the tuxes. For women, the expected and most popular dresses to wear are, of course, formal gowns, evening dresses and halter dresses.

Next, you have to recognize what style of formal attire you want to wear. Although there are many options that are considered trendy, what you really want to wear matters most. You can’t just let yourself compromise on a fashionable dress that may cause you a bit of awkwardness and uneasiness. Discover what you want, and try to wear each of the dresses you include in your options.

Of course, in your own judgment, there may be some dresses which you think are not great on you. Choose your style correctly, and make sure that the dress you are eying accentuates your body the way you want it. You may also invite your close friends to assess you while you are trying out your dress. Welcome their opinions and listen to their advice and ideas.


Outfits to Avoid

Whenever we prepare the clothes to wear at workplace, it is really significant to know which types of outfit we should stay away from. Stretched, crush, and wrinkled fabrics may be a definite no-no. Furthermore, the loose baggy pants as well as long tops have to be necessarily avoided, even on the “casual Friday”. Remember! Sweat pants and sweat shirts will be ideal for “workout”, rather than “workplace”. Similarly, keep the spandex pants off in the professional section of our wardrobe.

Keep in mind that the opaque tights need to be chosen only once we ensure donning them with the proper tops and footwear which can give the decent look. Other clothes to steer clear of are the sequined tops. Attire that shows off too much extra skin, no matter how formal it is, must be kept off. In addition, make sure your skirt length is appropriate for the occasion. is a very generous supporter of our site.  Be sure to show them your love!

How to Walk in Heels

Learning simply to walk in heels is an art that is perfected eventually with practice!

Before Walking in Heels

Before you begin, there are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind. These are essential so that you can ease into the procedure of strolling in those gorgeous stilettos.

* Start with a compact sized returning heel. It’s always excellent to undertake any task one step at some point, and the same goes for strolling in heels. Begin with more compact heels (around 1-2 inches), get used to them, and then shift on to the higher ones. Stepping up like this will make it easier for you.

* Get the right footwear. Whether you want simply to walk in heels, you have to ensure that your shoes give you the right fit. Use the shoes at the store, and take a short walk. If you don’t find them comfortable, go for another pair – maybe with a different heel height or type of heel. If you don’t try the shoes on, you risk buying a pair that is uncomfortable or even painful to wear, doesn’t fit your foot well and could be harmful.
* Start with a broader heel. Because you will be more stable on a larger surface area, it is a wise decision to begin with wedge pushes before you move on to stilettos.

* Strengthen your whole body. A strong whole body that is toned can carry its weight easily. You will be able simply to walk in any kind of footwear you put on. This goes for heels too. Anyone who works out is likely to have greater strength and stability, which makes easier the whole procedure.


Once you get yourself a couple of pairs of heels here are some very easy ways to begin displaying your beautiful footwear.

* Start at home. Before you wear your footwear to that big event, wear them around the house. Use them for several hours so that you can get around easily for the rest of the night.

* Walk so your heel touches the ground first followed quickly by your toes.

* Take little steps whenever you are feeling unbalanced or are on an uneven surface. Moreover, getting more compact actions is stylish and ladylike. Also keep your legs closer together as this will help sustain your stability.

* Go slowly. There is no need to try simply to walk too fast with heels initially (don’t they make running in heels look so easy in the movies?? Make sure all of your actions are a little bit slower in the beginning.

* Posture!  Keep your shoulders square. A lot of women have the tendency to slump over when dressed in heels because they can’t find their balance. For stability, stand up straight and swing your arms gently when you walk.

Knowing how simply to walk in the correct way can help you avoid a lot of injuries. You will be amazed when you walk into a room looking stylish, confident, and wonderful. Practice thoroughly and remember you can use support, particularly when you are going up and down stairways. As you exercise, you will be able to slide in those stilettos and steal the show!

Thank you to for your support – we appreciate you!

Colors! So many colors!

When you’re preparing for that job interview, one of your decisions is likely to be choosing what to wear – and making sure it is clean and ready to go not fresh out of the crawl space. The colours you choose may give an impression of the kind of person you are. If you know what impression colours can give, you can choose the right tie or blouse to create the right impression, appropriate to the role you are seeking.

The use of colour for ourselves and for our homes makes all the difference to how we feel and how other people respond to us. Presentation determines how we all respond to situations and people, often without even realising it.


Blue produces calming chemicals in the body. This is the least “gender specific” colour, having equal appeal to both men and women. Blue is a colour of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust and those dressed in blue are seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed.

Dark blue clothes suggest the wearer is intelligent, independent and very responsible. Light blue promotes creativity and wearers are often creative, sensitive and imaginative. Turquoise seems to encourage good communication between people.


Black is popular because it makes people appear thinner, but it is quite a dramatic colour, so it should be used carefully. People in cities and large towns are more likely to wear black than those living in rural areas.

It is the colour of authority and power. Wearing black clothes can demonstrate self-control and represent a determined, disciplined individual with a strong will and firm ideas. Paradoxically, it can also suggest submission; priests wear black to signify submission to God.


Green is associated with health and nature. People who wear green tend to have a strong humanitarian spirit, enjoy helping others and a good eye for detail.

It can also generate contrary reactions. For example, it is used in hospitals because it relaxes patients, but it can therefore be associated with illness. Likewise, it is used to represent environmental causes, but dark green is also associated with money and the military.


Red is a very powerful colour and another contradictory one. It is a stimulating colour which generates energy. So on the one hand, wearers of red are seen as courageous, assertive, determined, friendly and warm. On the other hand, too much red can make people feel irritable, impatient and even angry.

People who wear red tend to get noticed! They tend to be ambitious, impulsive, excitable, and energetic. They are often high achievers.


According to psychologists, purple helps with mental balance. It is associated with a sense of the artistic, music, intuition and spirituality.

People who wear purple are seen as sensitive and charitable and it is a colour which often appeals to the creative or eccentric.


Brown is the colour of earth and is therefore perceived to be solid and reliable. Men are more likely to say brown is one of their favourite colours.

Light brown implies genuineness while dark brown is strong and reliable, as in wood or leather. Brown clothing says stability, reliability, and approachability.


Grey is timeless, practical, and solid. It implies intellect, knowledge and wisdom.
It is a popular suit colour and mixes well with other colours. Although often worn, people rarely name grey as a favourite colour.





How to Mix Patterns for Beginners

I typically get dressed without considering it too much about it…just snatching what I have a craving for wearing and putting it all on the line!

Once in a while, it works, in some cases, it doesn’t.

In any case, I have a great time.

Maybe I do look a bit ‘Wackadoodle” in a few people’s eyes, in any case; I am a major enthusiast of having confidence in yourself.

(If you are somewhat modest, tweet me a photo of your outfit, and I can give you cheer! )

For some less stressful looks:

The “Pants and a pleasant top” or “Dark pants and a designed jumper” outfits are sufficiently decent, however if you need to mix it up a bit, take a stab at adding the things to the waist or below, or maybe some awesome accessories!
Keep things fascinating by including textures (like a weave) or differentiating hues. You can likewise choose some tonal hues from your example.

Bear in mind that hues add profundity and enthusiasm to you look.

On the off chance that you are feeling somewhat, bolder try choosing bold hues like chestnut tights or shaded tights with a contrasting top.

See how this photo pairs a plain brown coat with a pop of color in the scarf?

There is nothing to stop you including a genuine punch of shading utilizing your hosiery….take a risk with those tights you love!

If the tights are a little too intimidating, try an amazing purse, shoes or belt. There are so many different ways to make a statement.

Take a stab at thinking outside about the box and attempting a tone-on-tone look.

Including a fly of shading as a pink shoe, an eccentric purse or a red lip can include show (not that blue legs require any more dramatization!)

Have a go at mixing your designed thing with a high differentiation shading.

Red runs truly well with highly contrasting; it is an exemplary mix.

Keep in mind to include surfaces and fascinating accessories…like Over-the-knee boots or an announcement accessory.

You can include a fly of highlight shading like the blue shoes (on the privilege) to amp up the volume considerably more!

These outfits may have unpretentious shading palettes, yet there is more than one approach to skin a feline!

An inconspicuous palette does not mean exhausting.

Include uncommon shapes, vintage shoes, eccentric accessories…think surfaces, similar to fleece and calfskin or patterns in un-ordinary places, similar to tights.




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